"Mark is a great teacher and he deserves my big thanks for helping my son. Mark started working with my son when he was 10. My son was transitioning to a traditional elementary school to a European school. He lost 3 years of English in the elementary school compared to the students in the European school. At BW primary school, French is a compulsory second language. They started with presence learning which switched to Skype learning during the covid period. My personal feeling is that face-to-face teaching is less demanding. Mark taught my son for 4 years. Thanks to his help and effort, my son caught up with his classmates and today his communication skills in English are among the best in the class.
Thank you very much, Mark."


"Our son began his English journey already in elementary school with Mark. Thanks to Mark's dedicated and methodical approach, he not only quickly grasped the basics but also developed a deep love for the language. Mark combines educational content with fun, which has always motivated and excited our son. It has always been impressive to witness the tremendous progress. We are very grateful for Mark's dedication and expertise.
Thank you Mark for your outstanding work!"


"I was in grade 9 and had no idea about English. I didn't enjoy English at all and was totally unmotivated to learn English. Then I met Mark, who has now been teaching me once a week for 3 years. The lessons are very well organised, always instructive and a lot of fun! I notice progress every week. The lessons include a bit of everything: free speaking, grammar, reading and writing. Everything is individually adapted to your level and of course only English is spoken. Mark doesn't know German, so there's nothing else to do. The lessons with Mark are not like in school, but relaxed and fun and still effective. After three years, I have learned a lot and I am doing well in school again! Thank you for the fun and informative lessons that have made me learn English with fun and motivation.
Thank you Mark!"


"I think Better English is a good place to learn English for the people who don’t understand the basics of English. By learning in Better English, I was able to understand the tenses and common rules. For my exam in Japan, Mr. Mark helped me a lot with writing English essay and I was able to pass the exam. If you have an English exam, I recommend you Better English!"

"The teacher Mark Johnson was a big help for my son. He started with English in the 6. grade with zero of this language. With Mark's professional way Philipps improvement grows to a good knowledge, and this just after one year education one hour per week. Thanks a lot, Mark!"

"My daughter Nikki started taking English lessons with Mark just a few months a go and I have to say the improvement has been phenomenal! Mark’s teaching technique is exceptional and with his fun and professional approach, Nikki has built up a strong confidence and now looks forward to every single session with Mark. Thank you for the great work. Well appreciated."

"Our both sons (8 and 10 years old) go to Mark for English lessons. He is a great teacher, the methods are tailored to the kids' need, and they love English besides the school activities. We would be very happy to go on and this how the kids feel, too!"

“We’ve been enjoying Mark's services, since he’s an excellent teacher, very professional, calm, and adapting to the children’ needs. Remarkably, he found the way to establish a connection with our daughter, who wasn’t able to express herself (English being her third language). After a half a year she gained a lot in confidence and she really made progress thanks to Mark’s abilities. We will gladly continue in the future.”

"I am the First Class teacher in the European school of Karlsruhe and have three children who have benefited from the extra support given by Mark. All three children have improved their confidence to contribute during classtime, have increased their vocabulary and understanding of both general classwork and topics; and have made significant improvements in their reading and comprehension skills. They are happy, motivated and well integrated children who are working well in the English section, despite not having had English as a mother tongue. I would recommend Mark to anybody wishing support in English in a Fun and Child Centred way."
Class 1 teacher, ESKAR

"Our family moved to Karlsruhe in 2015 with our back then 4 years old daughter. She came with just a passive understanding of English picked up at her previous kindergarden in Prague, her birth place. The first few months at English only class of the European school were quite tough. Over time she started to navigate the new environment and improved her English. Not to lose touch with the language and to keep up the learning momentum over summer school holidays we asked Mark to provide private lessons to bridge the off the school period. Thanks to Mark's very peronal approach she became very confident in engaging a convesation with English speakers in reatively short period of time. Moving to a bilingual KITA the following year local teachers were positively surprised by her proficiency in English. Even several months after the private lessons took place she still vividly recalls the playful learning sessions with Mark."
Daniel & Ivana

"Before she came to Germany in Nov. 2015, my daughter Yuhan (born in 2010) has learned English for a few months, but cannot communicate in English. Since Dec. 2015, Yuhan started to learn English with Mark. Her English capability including listening, speaking and reading  has been improved rapidly. She can now communicate with teachers and classmates, she has more fun and enjoys the life in kindergarten. Her English skill will also benefit her study in primary school since Sep 2016. As her parents, we are appreciated to Mr. Mark Johnson's great job."
Zhang Bo

"My daughter, Sara Haru, almost 5 years old, started with Mark in January. She knows a little bit of different languages since she has parents who speak different languages, third culture kid and with Mark's help, she got a lot better in speaking English and started being able to differentiate a little between the different languages she knows, and she also now does not get frustrated anymore in Kindergarten. She now can communicate better and answer using the correct language. Thank you, Mark!"

"Manu (5, boy) came to Karlsruhe in March 2016. He experienced English when he was in Shanghai, China. He knew the basic words, like the numbers, colors, months and days. But he could not speak. He is a so open and talkative boy. You could not image how difficult for him at the beginning. Amazing me, after only one month with Better English, he started to talk in English. Today (3 months only), he can talk & discuss in English. He enjoys movies in English. The most important is he is making friends in English. Now he doesn't cry and cling to me when I drop him in the kindergarten every morning, instead he gives me a big smile and says "good bye”. I am so glad that I chose Mark."

"For our son David (6 years old) learning English is like opening a window towards the world. After 4 months of studying with Mark, he enjoys music in English language more, can watch movies with original soundtrack, he can read and communicate in this language with family and friends. He knew only a few words in English and did not want to use them much before starting the private classes. Now, he is confident, thinks that speaking English is a lot of fun (and easy) and he does not waste any opportunity to start a conversation in this language."

"Fortunately my son Siwan (6) could have a chance to take an English lesson from the Better English since last summer. Actually he had no background of English, but now he can speak in sentence and play with other children in English after learning by the Better English. His private lesson was the perfect time to learn while having fun. He could accept English easily because the lesson was composed of interesting method for him, such as Flash cards, drawing, games and music etc. Siwan is still looking forward to taking a lesson with Mr. Mark. It is awesome to see his improvement. Thanks lot."

"My daughter Katharina (5) is looking forward to go to Better English. Her teacher Mr. Mark is excellent. For several years Mark has been teaching children to answer questions with full sentences. I believe this is important mainly because children spend a lot of time asking and responding to questions. Words cannot express the thanks that my family has for Mark."
Fam. Lang

"Learning by playing works great! When our son started English with Mark, he was able to just say his name and age. Now, he has started school in English and he feels comfortable and confident. For him it is fun and he is not feeling at all that he has classes, he really enjoys spending the time with his teacher. The variety of the activities during the lessons is very attractive for our kid: reading books, playing football and many games, exploring new areas. He has every day other extra activities, but to English classes he is going every time with no comments (you know how the kids are…). For us, this is a very good sign and the results are noticed day by day."

"Our son Giacomo (6) didn't speak a word of English when he started with Mark and now he can understand everything and also say simple sentences. We think that the key of this success is learning by playing. Giacomo is having fun playing card games, exploring the nature and telling stories and at the same time he is learning English! Thank you!"
Bulgheroni Family

"Our son Theodor (5 years) really enjoys his English lessons and looks forward to them every week. The lessons are very fun and interesting, there is always something new to learn. His teacher encourages Theodor to talk using full sentences. He also explains the meanings of words, so they're easy to remember. Theodor's English has improved and he feels a lot more confident while speaking. Thank you!"
Geenen Family

"Our son Thomas had private classes with Mark in order to be able to feel more integrated in his Kindergarten class (English section) at the European School Karlsruhe during 2014-2015. He came to the school with no previous English knowledge, directly from his Kindergarten in Brazil. Over time, Thomas started to develop his language skills and to be able to communicate with his class mates. He began to feel more self aware and more secure in the school environment. Although Thomas is a quiet boy and doesn’t tell us much about his Kindergarten activities, he enjoyed playing with Mark, thereby gaining more social and language skills. For that, we are as his parents very grateful."
Krüger Family

"My sons, 9 years old and 7 years old are Japanese and have learned English with Mark. They could not speak English at all except their name and age when they started to learn. In our case, the boys always had lessons together. Although their learning speeds were different, the teacher was able to teach and explain things to them by changing the level of difficulty so that both boys were able to understand. Learning was carried out through playing card games and throwing a ball etc.., therefore my sons always had a fun time. It seemed that my boys sometimes played a prank on each other during the lesson, then the teacher would organise some active games outside the classroom, of course still having the English lesson. Now my boys have started to speak fundamental words and they can reply to easy questions. I appreciated your lessons!!! (We have to look for a new teacher in Stuttgart, Ohhh)"
Kyoko Homma